Friday, August 29, 2008

Help Poor and Hungry Children get their food

Hi guys. We all know developing nations are facing a severe crisis and most of the daily wages workers and the poverty ridden people hardly get a meal a day. India is one of the countries in the world where people die of hunger every second. With the rising inflation rate, there's no way the poorer sections of the society can support themselves. They're struggling every moment to survive. I always try to think of some way to help them in their fight for survival, to live, to prosper, but not being financially fit to do anything, I just couldn't support the cause. But, friends, I found out something which will enable each one of us to help these children get a meal. Just visit and click on the donate a meal button. Rest assured, atleast one child will get a cup of meal. I'm not asking any kind of monetary or financial donation, my point is, when we can help someone with just a click, why can't we? Please cooperate and try visiting the website everyday atleast once and make sure you donate a cup of meal to a child. Thanks for reading. :)


vickzzz.... said...

koool job bro kep it up. can i help u in any way ?

Unknown said...

We are a homeless shelter in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We provide meals, shelter, medical and dental care and a range of counseling and coaching services to help transform lives. We attract primarily donors and volunteers through our web site.
water street mission