Sunday, September 7, 2008

After 5 billion years, what happens to our beloved Planet?!!

Hi guys, I'm here today to share a few astronomical facts with you. Most of you might be knowing about the Life Cycle of a Star, right! It is born as a protostar, then the main star is formed gradually and with the passage of time, if the mass of the star is lesser than or equal to the Sun's mass, it will become a Red-Giant or if the mass is 1.5 or more times the mass of the Sun, it will become a Supergiant. After this, the star will finally turn into a white dwarf or a black hole.


The main life stage of a star

The Red Giant gobbling up its planets!

White Dwarf

The life of the Sun is about 10 billion years. Out of that 5 billion years have already passed away. Its left with only 5 more billion years to live. But for the red-giant stage to start, it may not take longer than 2.5 billion years more. Though we won't be alive that long to see the red giant gobbling up our neighbourhood planets! But The Earth will lose its atmosphere and will be as barren as the moon. An artist has beautifully visualized how earth will look after red giant phase is on! Take a look:

Phew! A lifeless earth is really hard to digest. The scorching red-giant will burn up all life on this planet. No day, no night! Each day will be the same. Though the fact whether earth also will be consumed by the red giant or not is still a mystery! Visit this link to see the picturization of the entire life cycle of the Sun:

But I strongly believe that mankind will still survive and somehow think of a way of leaving our beloved planet before the disaster happens. There are reports of many planets which resemble the Earth in other galaxies, but they have to be well-researched. Technology has to evolve for that like anything!! An alternate place to find is one thing, and transporting all the Earth's strength millions of light years away is an impossible task!! Though mankind may survive, all of mankind won't survive!! Lets see what the Space Research majors have in mind for this!

Wonder why noone made a movie with a complex script as this with a rough hypothesis atleast.
Atleast, they could have made some path-breaking insights and laid a foundation or atleast an idea for the survival of mankind! Thinks friends, think! Who knows what technology man may come up with to retain life somewhere in this Universe!

P.S. I did some research on this topic before I started to write. Still, if you feel I have made any mistake, feel free to correct me by posting suitable comments. And thanks for reading! :) Have a nice day.

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But the fact is our earth feel hot from day to day...