Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nosy Pop-up Ads spoil the blog

The most irritating aspect of owning a blog under the blogspot domain is the pop-up ad that gets attched with your blog and does not leave you alone, no matter how much you wriggle, shake and struggle to get the damn thing off you! At first I thought, it was a malware and run AdAware Programs to inspect if any malware was detected on my system. Fortunately, no malware was detected.

I then, searched the web for any pop-up killer software, but I ended up only with pop-up blocking software. Then I registered myself with yahoo answers in an attempt to find a solution there. But, later on I found the truth that the code for running these ads were present in the source code itself. Google gets paid for putting up pop-up ads on others blog without their permission. Or should I say, they get paid for putting up ads on "their" blogs under the blogspot domain!! So, we cannot claim the removal of pop-up ads from our blogs, sorry sorry, their blogs! Have to learn to live with that irritating stuff.

The major disadvantage of the pop-ups are that they reduce the readability of the blog content and drive away many readers who are under impression that this blog is infested by malware, LOL. ;) Moreover, you cannot write paid posts because the advertisers want a clean blog and not a one with idiotic things popping out and the websites offering to pay you for blogging threaten you with a ban that would be imposed on your blog if you write paid posts continually without the removal of these pop-ups.

Life is bad dudes! :(


nahj12 said...

nice pic.. haha.. thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, funny pic... salam

lisa said...

Hi thanks for the visit, anyway regarding pop ups it doesnt from blogspot,I experienced that ones when I was using the same google rank widget. Try to erased and change the widget from SEO, the opo ups disappear bro. Erase that one, try it.

artofreed said...

I agree with lila.. this pop ups came from rankwidget.

Kamlesh_Baroda said...

Correct, ha ha ha. Really nice pic.