Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Santosh Subramaniam--Will it be a phenomenon??!!

With Santosh Subramaniam's audio launched, the film's gearing up for release in the second week of April and Jeyam Ravi's spirits are running high!! The movie is a re-make of the blockbuster movie "Bommarillu". The shooting has been completed but the songs have been shot with great difficulty. The song sequences have been conceived at the most impossible crowded locations like Ranganathan Street, Mount Road, Central Station and even Radhakrishnan Salai!! The cast and crew are said to have gone to the location in two cars and a van with a camera fixed in it. All of a sudden the actors came out of a car and dance or walk towards the other car, which was parked at a distance. Their movements were captured by the camera from the van. Once the actors reached the car, the car suddenly departed the place. Everything was finished before the crowd could realize and identify the stars!!

The songs are quite impressive with an original composition as well along with other "re-made" songs!! The song is "Adada Adada" sung by actor Siddharth, who croons for a song for the first time. I'll tell you friends, re-making a movie which has reached a cult status in another state and making it an equally good venture is really a difficult job. Ravi agrees with me!! He said: “People think it’s as easy as falling of a log to remake movies, but it’s a very difficult task since the movie has already achieved a cult status. It’s like trying to redo a magician’s trick after seeing him perform. Luckily, we have got everything in place and I’m pleased with the output”. Well, thats what all the stars say before the release of a movie!! The telugu movie "Bommarillu" was extremely cute and fantastic. And the performances by Siddharth, Genelia and Prakash Raj were indeed mind-blowing. So, lets see if he recreates the magic with his performance!! All the best Ravi!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Who's this???

Any wild guesses on who this girl could be??? Just try for a few mins... Got it?? Well, she's none other than the girl who made us all dance to the tunes of the blockbuster song, "Kathaazha Kannale Kuthadhae, Nee enna"!! Yup, she is Snigdha, a model from north india!! Wonder how she did the south indian "Kuthu" steps so beautifully being a girl from north indian origin!! She has recently signed the next film which will be directed by Mysskin, the successful director of "Chithiram Pesuthadi" and the recent hit "Anjaathe". The movie has been titled "Nandhalala" and the shooting is said to commence by June. The central theme of Nandhalala is said to be around a child and for this purpose, a child has been selected and is being given the required training to perform.

The north Indian girl who is quite satisfied with the reach of the item number is happy to be in Nandhalala. Ravi Krishna who debuted in 7G Rainbow Colony is her co-star, though Vishal was given the script first. Due to his busy schedule, he could not act in the movie. So, Mysskin went on to choose Ravi Krishna. His debut was a huge hit. But after that, the hero was not able to prove himself quite well due to bad selection of movies. But this time, since Mysskin dons the mantle as the director, we can expect a great movie with all the necessary elements of a commercial hit. Lets wish the girl good luck with this venture!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Raghuvaran passes away

Raghuvaran, one of the finest and versatile actors in the Tamil Film Industry unfortunately passed away today, the 19th of March, 2008. He was admitted to Mehtha Hospital for treatment a few days ago. The reason for the death has been disclosed as weakness caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It is learnt that he had been under intensive medical care for the past few weeks.

He has acted in several Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi films. Most of his roles were of a villain or a supporting actor.Though he has acted in several films, he shot to fame with his role as the protagonist of a Tamil soap opera, 'Oru Manidhanin Kadhai' (One Man's Story), about the agony of a well-to-do man who becomes an alcoholic.

Unfortunately, the drug addiction cast its shade in his real life too. His wife Rohini too divorced him due to his addiction. They have a son Rishi.

Though Raghuvaran tried to rid his habit and tried to lead life on normal terms, the addiction did not leave him alone.

'Anjali', 'Badsha', and 'Mudhalvan' are some of the films in which he had rendered outstanding performances. He had reduced the number of films in recent years but he had three releases lined up in 2008, 'Bheemaa', 'Ashoka', and 'Silanerangalil'. His perforamances had been terrific in all these films.

As his ardent fan, i express my deepest condolences on the death of this versatile actor.

Kangaroo Massacre in Australia!!

Imagine this. A mother kangaroo, grooming her beautiful joey at night in the vast wild outback, hears the sound of a four wheel drive and stands transfixed, sensing danger. Searchlights are shone at her. A man takes aim, supposedly to shoot her in the head - but blows a hole in her neck. She falls in pain, helpless to save her joey who retreats into her pouch. But there’s no escape. The hunter pulls the joey out of his mother's blood spattered body, tosses him to the ground and stamps on his head. He writhes in agony and is left to die. (Older joeys who frantically hop away when their mothers are shot, have no chance of survival. They die a slow, lonely death from starvation or cold.)

The shot mother does not die instantly. She struggles as the hunter slits her leg open, thrusts a hook through it and hangs her upside down on a truck. She is knifed, gutted, her head, tail and legs tossed aside. This is the fate of Australia’s national emblem.

The official number of kangaroos set to be killed for export in 2006 is 3.8 million, slaughtered mainly for their skin and meat. Official statistics ignore the millions of joeys (young kangaroos) who also die when their mothers are shot, which vastly increases the true scale of the slaughter. When non-commercial and illegal kills are included, together with the large number of road kills, the figure could be doubled.

Kangaroos are killed commercially for their meat and skin. Traditionally, their skin has been used to make football boots and their meat used in pet food. John Kelly of the Kangaroo Industries Association of Australia says: “Many people don’t realise that most of the goals kicked in world class soccer are kicked with kangaroo leather.”

World's leading sports material manufacturer Adidas and their "Predator" boot, worn and promoted by well-known football players is being reportedly manufactured from Kangaroo leather. Adidas is far and away the leader in "premier football boots," holding 70 per cent of the market worldwide. Adidas is a driving force behind an industry that bludgeons millions of young joeys to death every year.

The following can be done to prevent Kangaroo massacre:

  • Do not buy kangaroo leather! Choose football boots, baseball gloves and handbags that are made from modern synthetic materials instead.
  • Write "letters to the editor" to daily and weekly newspapers, and to radio and TV stations. Contact relevant talk shows and raise this question.
  • Support Animal Friends Croatia and VIVA.
  • Please don't buy any Adidas products until they stop taking part in the largest wildlife massacre in the world. Please join the fight to save these magnificent animals.
For further details visit:

Vijay And Nayan!! Brand Ambassodrs for IPL!!

The Chennai team of BCCI’s Indian Premiere League (IPL) has roped in two top stars from Kollywood to add colour to the team.

Chennai Super Kings formally embraced the glamour that cinema is believed to bring along by roping in two Kollywood biggies as its brand ambassadors. The leading young actor Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay and the hot girl of Kollywood Nayantara were officially announced as brand ambassadors of the team.

The announcement was made at a glittering function held in Chennai today (March 18). Vijay, who was present in the function said, “I am thrilled to be part of the Chennai Super Kings. I am an ardent fan of cricket, thanks to my son, who is glued to the television set whenever India plays.”

He added that, “To be part of our Chennai team is a delight for me and I hope that I can contribute my bit in my new role. All my fans and well-wishers too have a great passion for the sport. Let's all join hands together and support Chennai Super Kings to ensure that namma team rocks”.

Nayantara, who is the other star ambassador, could not turn up for the event.

K Srikkanth, former Indian skipper and cricketing brand ambassador of Chennai Super Kings, was also present on the occasion.

IPL, the BCCI's money-rich Indian Premier League, already has top Bollywood stars Sharukh Khan and Preity Zinta as popular franchises.

Men in Blue!!!

Take a look at this pic guyz!!!!

Men will remain men even if they're "Men in Blue"!! Have a full view of the picture please... Am sure u'll have a good laugh...!! Sachin is the only decent person as i conclude from the pic!! Look at Robin Uthappa, Dinesh Karthik and Yuvi...!! They're ogling at the girl so badly!! Quite an odd behaviour by famous personalities in a public place like this with so many fans looking at you when you're upto these kinda activities!! So beware fellas!! Don't let this pic make it to the eyes of ur girlfriend!! Or ur done for... Especially Yuvaraj, you've started getting along Deepika after Dhoni rite!! Now, u'll lose her!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Jayam" Ravi alias "Re-make" Ravi...!!!

Hi friends!! Life as a hero can be sometimes be very good even if u r not lucky enough to get original scripts most of the time!! But, tell u what, one of the heroes who is sooooooo lucky that he doesn't act with a heroine even twice!! Yup, ur right guys... My post refers to the one and only "Jayam" Ravi... What a guy he is!! He's not a very experienced actor, but what a line up of heroines he's been shaking legs and running around trees with!! Man, u surely can envy him for that!!

His line up of heroines:

1. Sadha:
He started off with "Jayam", a remake of a telugu film of the same name. It was his first break as well as for Sadha in Tamil(though Jayam in Telugu was her first movie). Tell u what... She looked somewhat good in the film(unlike the way she looks nowadays!!). The movie was declared a hit, but friends, i tell u there was nothing in the movie i felt was worth watching !! Since it was a debut for both of them, the movie didnt get much of a hype and hoopla, but it ran decently... After Jayam she went on to act in Aethiree with Maddy, Varnajaalam with Srikanth, Anniyan with Vikram, Priyasakhi with Maddy again, Thirupathy with Ajith Kumar and the latest, Unnale Unnale with debutante actor Vinay. She has also acted in a number of Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies. And now the latest news is that she's going to act in a couple of Hindi movies!! So, all the best Sadha with ur future ventures...

And the second lady with whom he co-starred with was the hip and happening Asin:

2. Asin:
The second movie happened a year after his first movie was released. And the movie was worth the wait. It was "M.Kumaran, S/O Mahalakshmi" which went on to be a smash hit. It was again a re make of the Telugu movie "Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammai" in which she had debuted in Telugu. It was a big break for her and she really did it well in the role of "Malabar", a girl from Kerala. She had actually signed Ullam Ketkumae as her first film in Tamil, but M. Kumaran was the first to hit the screens before Ullam Ketkumae. After that there was no turning back for her as hits were coming continuously for the gorgeous girl. Her next big hit was "Ghajini" Opposite Surya, for which she won the Filmfare Best Actress Award, South. Then she went on to act with lead Tamil heroes, the likes of Vikram, Vijay, Ajith in a number of films. Her latest offering was "Vel" opposite Surya, which was declared a hit. She still has the prestigious "Dasavatharam" opposite Kamal Hassan and the hindi remake of "Ghajini" opposite Aamir Khan in the pipeline. Rumour has it that Asin is slowly shifting her career into hindi films here on. Lets hope she proves herself there too the way she proved herself here!

And here goes his third movie!!:

3. Renuka Menon:
The third movie was opposite the svelte-looking Renuka Menon who is yet to make a mark in the Tamil film industry. The movie was "Daas" which was an original script. But the movie didn't create much a sort of waves in the industry. But still the girl looked quite good and Ravi would have as well had a good time with her!! After "Daas", she went on to star with "Bharat" of Boys and Kaathal fame in the movie "February 14" which proved out to be a flash in the frying pan. Her next release was with Kalabhak Kadhalan which was a movie of an offbeat genre. Her co-star this time was Arya. Her future plans are not very clear in the Tamil film industry as there is news that she has stopped acting and is going to get married.

The fourth lady is quite impressive i must say!!:

4. Shriya Saran:
"Mazhai" was "Jayam" Ravi's fourth film and this time his lead lady was Shriya, the queen of Telugu film industry. The movie was a re-make of the Telugu film, "Varsham" which was a blockbuster. She had earlier acted in Enakku 20 Unakku 18. She then signed "Thiruvilayadal Aarambam" opposite Dhanush which was a reasonable hit. But her ticket to fame in Tamil Industry came with "Sivaji: The Boss" opposite Superstar Rajini. Then she went on to do "Azhagiya Tamil Magan" and did a cameo in "Indiralogathil Na. Azhappan". She is currently busy with the shooting of Susi Ganesan's "Kanthasamy" opposite Vikram. She is also doing a movie in Hollywood opposite Jesse Metcalfe and a couple of Hindi movies.

His fifth movie was "Idhaya Thirudan" opposite:

5. Kamna Jethmalani:

She has not become such a big person to write about... Just two movies so far, one opposite Jayam Ravi(with a steamy smooch!!) and the second one opposite Jeevan in "Machakkaran". So, lets move on to the next heroine!!

His sixth movie was opposite:

6. Trisha:
"Something Something Unakkum Enakkum" was the sixth movie for him opposite the happening actress Trisha. This was again a re-make of a Telugu movie "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" which she had originally starred with Siddharth(who looked great compared with our hero!!). She has acted in a host of Tamil movies including a bathroom clipping which made her very famous. This fame was something more than the name she obtained by acting in films!! She is a great "friend" of Simbu(see 'En Ragasiya Kanavugal' song from "alai") and Vijay(that u all know!!). She's currently busy with "kuruvi" with Vijay.

His next heroine:

7. Bhavana:
Her foray into tamil films was with Narain in "Chithiram Pesuthadi". Then, she did Kizhakku Kadarkarai Salai with flop star Srikkanth and then it was our hero in "Deepavali". The movie was a decent hit, but buddies, the "Susee" word rings in ut head for a very long time!! It simply irritates ur ear drums when our hero repeatedly mentions the name!! She then went on to do a couple of movies with Madhavan and Jeeva but they didn't do any good business at the box office. But, things apart, our heroine is very very cute and deserves to get a good place in Tamil film industry!! So lets wish her all the best and beware Bhavana, don't get caught in any bathroom videos!!

His next movie is "Santosh Subramaniam" which is in the making with:

8. Genelia
She is an extremely cute actress who unfortunately couldn't make a big mark in the Tamil film industry inspite of acting under the "Shankar" banner in "Boys" and with Vijay in "Sachien". Both of them were average hits. But later on, she did a disaster with "Chennai Kadhal". Wonder why she and Bharat signed that movie!! It had no storyline as well as performances. But, she grew famous in the Telugu film industry with a number of movies especially the childish role in "Bommarillu" opposite Siddharth!! It was this film only which bagged her the Telugu Filmfare Best Actress and the re-make role in Tamil. Hope she makes it big here too!!

His next movie:

9. Kangana Ranaut:

Jayam Ravi has signed his next movie with hindi actress Kangana Ranaut and Lakshmi Rai under the name "Dhaam Dhoom". The movie started off well but in the middle of the shooting, director Jeeva passed away. So, now the movie is being directed by Manikandan. The hindi Heroine had a tough life until "Gangster" happened. after that she went on to do "Life In a Metro" which was an offbeat film, but was declared a hit. Hope she makes it in Tamil film industry too..!!

His next movie is declared to be "Peraanmai". So, we can say that our hero has quite a large no. of movies in the making. But look at the list of heroines he has worked with in the last four years.!!! I must say, a re-make hero can't desire more than this!! Three cheers to our "Re-make" Ravi, sorry "Jayam" Ravi....!!